WebPatient LLC™ - Your Personalized Medical Reference - Private, Secure and Accessible
At WebPatient LLC, we provide medical record scanning of patient charts and paper medical records to digital format.

We provide Medical Records scanning services to a variety of Hospitals and Private Medical Practices, allowing them to save both space and time, and to cut costs by quickly and easily converting vast quantities of documents into searchable digital files.

We can scan any type of document, and our primary focus is to provide you with top quality scans and personal attention to your needs. We ensure 100% satisfaction, and we can provide references, if you desire.

We also offer full discretion, and your security is never compromised. We do not outsource - all scanning is done in house, using thoroughly vetted employees monitored by CCTV.

At WebPatient LLC, we transform your space-consuming folders and boxes full of documents into searchable, digital files. You gather your documents together, and mail them to our location in Boca Raton, Florida.

Once we have your documents in our secure facility, our staff will begin the process of preparing them for scanning. When they're ready, we'll scan and convert them into electronic files.

Once all the scanning is complete, we'll store your documents in two ways - on digital media, and online using our document cloud. At this point, you'll have the choice of having the original documents either shredded, or returned to you.

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